Basic information

SOMI Systems, a.s. (joint stock company) was founded in 2000, having formerly been SOMI Systems, s.r.o., a limited liability company that had been active on the Slovak market since 1993. The company continued its successful activities in the area of managing and building internet nodes. The service and building the largest internet node in Slovakia, the node of Slovenské Telekomunikácie, belonged towards its largest achievements as that time.

The experience the company obtained from operating its internet service, from building internet nodes, and from creating applications for the management and operation of specific internet services clearly helped determine its future course towards security and managing and creating internet nodes at all levels. The company eventually gained an important position on Slovakia’s IT market as a system integrator. Its highly specialized experts design and implement projects, which are based on internet node and span across corporate networks with computer equipment and applications on one side and internet services on the other side.

At the application level, the company has made good use of its experience and specific solutions into a standardized product – KERBER – a modular system for the management and operation of an internet node. KERBER’s high flexibility towards customer requirements and specifications is one of the advantages of this solution. In its projects, the company also relies on the solutions of renowned companies like ESET, Microsoft, Oracle, and RedHat.
At the technology level, the company uses proven and reliable technologies of companies like Hewlett Packard, IBM, SUN Microsystems, and Cisco Systems.

The expert public recognizes SOMI Systems as a technology company to which customers can turn with any requirement in the IT field. The company’s status as a system integrator makes the best prerequisites to cope with the topics related to the internet, computers and applications, data communications, and information systems in general. Modern companies like SOMI Systems base their activities on current and estimated future needs of clients with the maximum use of technologies into which the client has previously invested.

SOMI Systems’ aim is to transfer the needs of customers into specific solutions by maximizing its rich experience.