Certifikáty a ocenenia

SOMI Systems’ strategic plan is to continuously increase the quality of its provided services, develop correct relations with business partners, customers and the general public, develop human resources, obey the law, and maintain its reputation. Achievement of these goals depends on continually increasing the level of management, quality, and efficiency of the services we provide.

The quality management system that SOMI Systems has documented since 2008 has been built and maintained in line with STN EN ISO 9001: 2001 requirements. A prerequisite for efficient functioning of the quality management system is to determine all of the processes running in SOMI Systems and their sequence, connections, and mutual interactions. Breaking an organization’s activities into individual smaller ones – processes – helps perform analyses and find areas for improvement.

The quality policy is based on the vision of maintaining and strengthening the company’s position on the domestic IT market, to implement an information security policy on foreign markets, especially in neighboring countries, and to become one of the biggest information security performers in Slovakia. The quality policy reflects the company’s efforts to move forward and continually improve the quality of its activities, both from within and to outside the organization.

Improving the organization’s operations by deploying a quality management system also brings a better status of employees, improved working conditions, social security, wider possibilities of professional growth and overall employee satisfaction, which is the basis of high-quality and efficient performance of assigned tasks. Furthermore, it helps improve the corporate culture, more efficient communication with employees, business partners, and customers, and a more efficient use of material, human, and financial resources.

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