Kerber VoIP Server

KERBER VoIP Server is a server that enables clients to conduct voice conversations via the SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) protocol provided by the SRTP protocol, and uses the SDES keys exchange mechanism.  The server is not designed for integration into PBX, but exclusively for a secure voice communication within one server.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephony is an alternative voice communication service for the transfer of voice via IP protocol. In practice, VoIP can be used anywhere in the voice communication transfer route.  To secure the voice transfer, the SIP protocol is used, which is an advanced signaling protocol designed for establishing and terminating multimedia connections such as phone calls via the Internet.

The SIP protocol, like any other application IP protocol, is vulnerable. Factors that make SIP less secure result from the reasons that SIP as a standard is still relatively new. Its basic specification is quite simple, but it has quite a few extensions that make it much more complex and safer.

Basic aspects of a secure communication environment are privacy, personal data protection, and confidentiality. The basic element for their provision is the use of encrypted communication. Encryption is provided by a SIP protocol extension by means of the SRTP protocol, which provides techniques that can be used for encryption, integrity, and authentication of messages, as well as security. This security is included in the Kerber VoIP Server.

The Kerber VoIP Server will provide maximum privacy for your phone calls.

For the best use of our server by end-users, we recommend the Groundwire software phone from Acrobits.