Kerber Antispam & Mail Server

Our mailboxes, forums, and discussions are flooded by dozens of junk messages, which are called spam. Spam is unsolicited and extensively spread mail (usually advertisements) that wastes internet users’ valuable time and financial resources. In addition to higher expenditures, other negative characteristics of spam include fraud and threats of infection with malware, and overlooking regular and valid e-mail messages. There are also ethical considerations, given that spam is based on stealing information, cheating, lying, and transferring fraudulent payments.

Ask yourself how much spam enters your mailbox daily, and keep in mind that majority of computer attacks are performed by means of spam.

Kerber Antispam is a high-quality anti-spam system that is used with your existing mail system. It is based on the SMTP protocol, it features advanced technologies and it also responds to new techniques and threat forms.

An important part of the anti-spam system is Greylisting, which is an efficient method of fighting against spambots. Its main function is “temporarily denying” an e-mail from an unknown sender.

Kerber Antispam includes also antivirus software called ClamAV, developed by a community of antivirus experts. One of its main functions is integration with mail servers and antivirus scanning of incoming e-mail messages. It also includes several block parts, which, apart from antivirus scanning, provide automatic updating antivirus databases or protection from phishing.





Kerber Mail Server is a suitable combination of publicly available open-source programs and experience and skills of system creators. Its main function is to perform specific tasks related to receiving and sending e-mail messages, such as e-mail receiving and sending via the ESMTP protocol, analysis of the header and body of the message, checking the sender, recipient, size of the message or allowed attachments. It is integrated via SMTP/ESMTP, POP3/POP3S, and IMAP4/SIMAP protocols.


Main features of the Kerber Antispam & Mail Server:

• It is optimized for high performance and user-friendliness. When junk mail is detected, the system immediately breaks the connection, thus saving the connection capacity and system performance,
• It can become bigger and more robust in line with an increase in the number and size of mailboxes and the volume of e-mail communication,
• It uses a wide range of protocols, thus allowing an easier communication and interconnection with existing services,
• It uses a combination of multiple detection techniques that can be set by the administrator according to the requirements of users – the administrator can decide the strictness level of the filtering mechanism, the number of messages to be denied, and the level of decision-making for end-users,
• It is based on open solutions and specifications, it does not depend on one manufacturer, it is expandable and customizable according to current needs of the customer (which provides maximum efficiency), and it can be deployed into any local infrastructure.