The BusOnLine solution is designed to provide mobile communication of vehicles via internet.

The solution ensures:

Provision of a wireless secured access to internet for passengers

This connection is provided by means of a 3G wi-fi router connected through a VPN to a central server, which provides the complex management of the internet access including HTTP filtering, management, and logging of connections.

Vehicle monitoring by means of video and audio recording

Monitoring is ensured through powerful 3G wi-fi cameras capable of recording to an internal disk or online. Online connection of cameras is managed by the central server, which allows a complex administration of the system.

This solution is developed in close cooperation with our partners and clients depending on their needs and requirements. During development, several aspects have been emphasized:

• various connection possibilities (3G, wi-fi, LAN),

• availability anywhere,

• secure transfer of information,

• possibility of a professional administration, high scalability of devices,

• high durability and lifetime of the solution,

• low financial and operational demands for implementing and operating the solutions.


SOMI Systems provides a complex delivery of hardware devices, software, and administration integration of the solution, as well as a complex application in the client environment.

The solution provides mutual communication of terminals with the server through a 3G, metallic or wi-fi connection to the network and it is administered by means of a web interface. It makes it possible to create several administrative/user levels. The system administration consists of internet access management, administration of audio and video recordings, configuring terminals, and generating logs.

When the BusOnLine solution is implemented at the customer’s end, our company provides a full configuration of the system, all terminals, and server according to the client’s requirements, creating and setting up administrative and user environments according to client’s requirements, and launching the system with the subsequent 8/5 remote administration.

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