Security project

The security project and the security objective contained therein are basic pillars for building a security policy. The obligation to elaborate a security project is stipulated in Act no. 122/2013 Coll. on personal data protection, which is binding for all organizations and companies in Slovakia.

Why protect personal data?

This obligation is stipulated first and foremost in the aforementioned Personal Data Protection Act. Slovakia’s constitution and other valid laws guarantee protection of personality and privacy to individuals. It is the moral duty of each person to honor and respect the privacy of other people and do their utmost so that each person feels not only free, but also safe.

What is a security project?

The security project is a document stipulated by the Personal Data Protection Act. It consists of three mutually interconnected parts. Without a responsible and high-quality elaboration of any of those three parts, the project cannot be considered good and the contained proposed measures cannot be considered complete and efficient.

The project consists of a security plan, the most important parts of which are the descriptions of assets of your company and the description of threats envisaged by you. The security plan must also include the description of the environment in which your company is situated. Another part of the security project is a risk analysis, which reviews and objectifies, on the basis of outputs from the security plan, the influence of threats on assets and strategic objectives of your company. The influence of a threat on a company asset is called a risk. The result of the risk analysis is the size of individual risks. The final part of the security project are security guidelines. Their purpose is, on the basis of the risk analysis, to adopt such measures that will minimize risks identified in the risk analysis.

Our company offers you the ability to elaborate the security project, which will be made not only pursuant to the personal data protection act, but will also cover a wider range of protection of your assets and strategic objectives. Services of our company include a free update of the security project elaborated by us (within six months of its elaboration) in case changes occur in your company or in legislation. The project is developed by a team of experienced experts who evaluate the security of your company in a complex way; that is they do not just focus on the security of your IT infrastructure.

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