Public administration security policy

On October 1, 2008, a regulation from the Ministry of Finance on standards for public administration information systems came into force and it was amended by Ministry Regulation 312/2010 effective July 15, 2010.

The security policy aims to define and implement resources, procedures, and measures that protect information during input, transfer, processing, saving, and output from the loss of accessibility, integrity, and confidentiality. The security policy is in line with the regulation of the Ministry of Finance no. 312/2010 in the “security standards” chapter and it incorporates them into existing security policy by implementing security practices pursuant to respective STN and ISO standards (in particular 17799 and 13335).

Security policy consists of the following parts – stages of the solution:

• information security audit,
• elaborating rules and implementing the security policy into practice,
• verification activities during implementation.

SOMI Systems offers the auditing, processing, and implementation of the security policy within the scope given below, which is in line with requirements of security standards stipulated in regulation no. 312/2010 (articles 28 to 42).

Public administration security policy (sk).pdf