Today we live in a hurried era, in which days seem to be too short. There is no time for solving problems, which we are not able to solve efficiently enough. There is no time for the downtime that can arise due to non-functioning working instruments. Therefore, it is much more efficient and cheap to have specialist problems solved by trained people. SOMI Systems realizes these facts and places adequate emphasis on expertise and adequate workload of its employees.

Technical and system support

IT is the fastest and most dynamically growing industry in the world economy. The development is so fast that people working in this industry are effectively perennial students. We offer our customers our knowledge and experience, which will help them use their IT investments more efficiently and effectively.

The support includes:

  • remote administration and surveillance over the customer’s system resources,
  • consultations and counseling,
  • prophylaxis,
  • regular checks of equipments,
  • testing and maintenance of equipments,
  • proactive prevention of service cases by early replacement of worn parts,
  • software and hardware upgrades.

  • Service

    Professional service is our most valuable asset, and although we are not able to resolve each case immediately, we are able to evaluate the severity of the situation and solve it properly. We not only service equipment delivered by us, but also by other vendors. We have skilled and trained service technicians and our references include service contracts with companies, in which any information system downtime would mean a disaster.

    The service includes:

  • response time five minutes from the input from the customer or diagnostic tools,
  • response of a system engineer or expert technician with 20 minutes,
  • on-site response from 40 minutes to a maximum of four hours (depending on the distance) anywhere in Slovakia,
  • resolving the service case within six hours from the start of troubleshooting until the final solving of the service case within four weeks.

  • HotLine

    The first step of the service and support is the possibility of non-stop contact with the provider. Our hotline is backed by expert technicians, which significantly reduces the response time. The majority of customers’ problems are solved immediately after the hotline call or even during it.

    The hotline includes:

  • a mobile phone number available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which is held by our technicians in the form of “standby duty”,
  • counseling and system support for our customers,
  • service activities via phone,
  • service case reporting line.